“Whitney is the consummate creative professional, always meeting our deadlines and budgets for projects. I am amazed at the diversity of her skills. Whether it was a book layout and cover design, event signage, or graphics for a website or video, she excelled at each. Collaborating with Whitney was a joy because I could give her a high level idea, and she had this way of improving on my idea and making it exactly what we needed. Having a trusted  professional, who was independent and able to execute without oversight made my job so easy.”

Laurie Sorensen, 

Learning Architect | ConnectWise

"Whitney has designed gorgeous book covers for our last three titles, each of them very different in subject matter and style. Working from descriptions of the book's content plus some basic ideas from me and from the author, Whitney has captured each book's essence in subtle and  nuanced ways. Very grateful for her versatility and patience.   
Rosalie Morales Kearns, 

Publisher  |  Shade Mountain Press   

"Whitney is awesome! She draws out details from the situation of what work should be done and what it should look like. She brings understanding and quality beyond what I was originally  thinking and is always a pleasure to work with!"

Brad Schow,

VP, Consulting / ConnectWise